About us

Utbjoa Armering & Sveis AS manufactures reinforcing steel products, and we specialize in crosscutting and bending of reinforcing steel to the building industry, transport & Infrastructure projects.

The company was founded in November 14th 2001 by Svein Kristiansen and Primærtjenesten Bjoa AS. In 2008, T Kristiansen Armering & Sveis, bought out the steel- and welding part of Primærtjenesten AS, which is now Utbjoa Armering & Sveis AS.

Utbjoa Armering & Sveis AS was in the fall 2017 certified by Kontrollrådet (The control authority).


We now hold the certificate NS-EN 10080:2005 – for steel armor and weldable armor. Utbjoa Armering og Sveis has also developed a product control system (PKS) in line with Kontrollrådet’s (Control Authority) guidelines. All our welders have welding certificates to ensure good quality for our customers.



CEO Terje Kristiansen

Production manager Giedrius Drulas

HSE leader Henriette Karlsen

Quality Consultant Marin-engineer Bjarte Birkeland

Consultant Primærtjenesten Svein Kristiansen.